Most builders are content with building structures that are of a passable quality, that don’t cost too much to build; yet they can sell at exorbitant prices to gullible buyers. Marcus Hiles, in that regard, is a builder with a difference, as he does not succumb to these low gimmicks.

Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Texas-based Western Rim Property Services is a man with a mission: His mission is to build the highest quality homes in the best parts of the cities and with the best facilities, all of which are within easy reach of the best schools and offices.

From the looks of it, Hiles has certainly achieved what he set out to create. His homes are renowned for their high-end luxury amenities, their close proximity to golf courses, parks and lakes and their easy commutability. They are the top choice for all Texans looking for a new home.

Marcus D Hiles, Ceo of western rim also stands out from other developers because he offers these high quality homes at down to earth prices, most of which are well below market price. It’s this honesty and commitment to quality that make Western Rim properties some of the most desirable places to live today.

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Profitability is the mission of most real estate developers; in the case of Texas real estate tycoon, Marcus Hiles, its less to do with profitability and more to do with building the highest quality homes in the best parts of the cities and with the best facilities, all of which are within easy reach of the best schools and offices.

Marcus hiles – entrepreneur and philanthropist is known also for his charitable endeavors. He donates millions to charities that assist in the building of educational institutions and that work towards empowerment of women.

Hiles’ philanthropy is all tied in to his values learned as a child from a middle class home, son to an inner city minister. This is what has lead to him building an organization that is run on principles rather than just focusing on making profits.

You can find out more about this remarkable man by liking and following Marcus Hiles’ s Official Facebook Page. On this page, you can get more updates on his latest property ventures and upcoming developments that may catch your interest.

Western Rim homes are truly worth the investment and won’t break the bank, so go ahead and take a look at what they have on offer, today!

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Marcus Hiles: Living the real estate dream

Real estate is all about taking an ordinary property and developing it into one that can be sold at above market value prices to customers who are desperate for designer homes. Not for Marcus Hiles. For Marcus, real estate is all about converting a prime property in a prime location into a house of dreams for his customers, and all of this at rates that even a middle class American family can afford.

Starting out as a graduate of Rice University and post graduate of Pepperdine University, Hiles set out to start his own real estate venture using his own personal finances to develop property. Today, these properties include Peerless amenities at Lakeway, Texas from Marcus Hiles. These properties today total over 7,500 homes and home owner associations and are some of the most sought after residences in Texas today. They include world class amenities at a humble prices, that span swimming pools, billiards tables, gym areas, community centres, spas and even in some cases, golf courses. To offer all of these at a rate that is below market value is a real estate dream that Hiles has made come true.

The properties and his assets are valued at over a billion dollars today. They are located in prime areas, well within the reach of the best businesses as well as educational institutes so that there can be an ideal community that exists with no disruption owing to a long commute. These homes overlook serene lakes, peaceful jogging trails and shady parks that can give residents a comfortable stay. In cases where home owners would wish to customize their townhouse, apartment or condominium to one of their choosing, Mansion Custom Homes provides these services.

Marcus Hiles’ triumph proves good education is the new name for success what with his two degrees and his constant recognition of the importance of good education for the success of any community. He is known to extend his philanthropy to include sponsoring higher education for students as well as contributions towards the building of private and public schools, besides donating to other worthy causes such as children’s hospitals and women’s help programs. Hiles is a man of his word and has stuck to his recipe for success as being the ability to provide luxury housing at affordable prices to ordinary American citizens.

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Marcus Hiles: The Modern Day Entrepreneur and an Idol for the Future Generation

Western Rim Properties has been founded by Marcus Hiles in the year 2004. This real estate organization has been headquartered in Colleyville, Texas. It has successfully managed to expand its business to other territories like Dallas, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Houston. Today, this is one of the most recognized real estate developing companies in the whole of Texas. The net worth of Marcus Hiles’ company is in billions of dollars.

Marcus Hiles had only one goal in mind when he had established this company that is to provide state of the art living to all the people belonging to the middle-income group in Texas. It is Marcus Hiles: Making Texas a Better Home! However, with years of hard work, sincerity, and dedication he has accomplished success way beyond his expectations. He has not only helped people live a better life in his own locality but also in various other areas of Texas.

True success of a business is seen by the reach it has in various territories. Just like any other established business even Marcus’ real estate business has expanded to unexplored territories. He has certainly been successful in building affordable homes for people belonging to the middle-income group.

Marcus Hiles Houston Texas | Real Estate has stretched its hands to various territories within Texas. However, his plan is to reach out to other parts of the country. If he does so, then he will certainly be able to fulfill the dreams and wishes of many people who never thought to have a luxurious but affordable home.

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The Exclusive Real Estate of Newport By Marcus Hiles

For over a decade Marcus Hiles has been developing houses all across Texas. He has provided both affordable as well as luxurious houses. He has pleased the people of Texas by providing innumerable hoses at cheap prices. The people can also enjoy the luxuries which was unavailable to them prior to this.

His Newport classic home was located in one of the most convenient area of the suburbs. This area has some of the best schools and the residents of the community can happily send their kids to these schools where they will be educated in an exceptional way. Real Estate innovation across the state led by Marcus Hiles proved to be a huge success.

Affordable custom homes

When Marcus Hiles constructed the first luxurious community his aim was to provide as much features as he can in this cheap price. Thus, they make the residences cost-effective to a great extent. In order to give the people having various budget Marcus Hiles plans of buildings that are custom made. The residents are provided with a variety of options to choose from like the size of the building, stainless and non-stainless steel appliances, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the decision that they take is included in the blueprint of the building.

The price of these buildings made it procurable by the middle-class families. After the construction was complete people from Texas came over to Newport to register their name for the house. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles Philanthropy made them plan this and helped them to uplift the financial condition of Texas.

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Marcus Hiles Turns His Dream Into Reality

Many people can see the success of Western Rim Property Services, but they haven’t witnessed the hard work and extreme dedication used to build this real estate company from the ground up. Marcus Hiles, the man behind this company, specializes in beautifully built homes at affordable prices. His dream was to provide luxurious housing for the average working family. He believed in high quality townhouses and communities that were desirable to everyone.

Today, his dream is a reality, with over 7,500 townhomes and homeowner’s associations all over the state of Texas – a total of over $1 billion in assets. Hiles is a visionary and knew that he needed to not just provide beautiful homes but place them in prime locations in urban areas so they were close to good school districts and job opportunities. He even refrained from hiring third party services to manage his properties and did it all himself, cutting unnecessary spending. It was at this time Western Rim Property Services began to see major success.

With his fortune, Hiles took the time to spruce up his housing communities by adding top-notch amenities with cutting-edge technology, like infinity pools, spas, gyms, cafes, woodlands, and you can even find golf courses in many locations. Although Hiles has seen great success, it took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build his empire. After receiving a Bachelors at Rice University, he went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration at Pepperdine University in California. After graduation, at the age of 28, Hiles poured in all his capital and energy to begin Western Rim Property Services. He even admits to running into financial problems at first, having trouble paying staff and then having to sleep on the floor of a friend’s house so he could make ends meet.

But Hiles was taught at a very young age that hard work and sticking to your guns when times were rough was the recipe for success. As you can see, the hard work paid off. Today, Hiles has used his fortune to give back to the people of Texas by donating to many groups in need. He has donated over $1 million to fund K-12 education over the past ten years and has funded $1 million to go toward higher education. Hiles has donated to art programs, disadvantaged women’s programs, and children’s hospitals all over the state. As a philanthropist, Hiles continues to support local charities and good causes.

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